Proven Formulations for Upset Stomach to Heartburn

In this time and age, where we lead a sedentary lifestyle and with changing food habits, gastroenterological disorders are becoming common. To address this growing concern, Pristine Pearl has developed solutions that offer better relief and comfort. Our acid suppressive (Proton Pumps (PPIs) Inhibitors) and antidopaminergic solutions offer proven results for a wide range of disorders like severe refractory gastro-oesophagus reflux disease, stress-induced mucosal injury, acute upper non-variceal bleed, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, heartburn, upset stomach, fullness, throwing up, vomiting, nausea, and gastroesophageal reflux disease, among others. Moreover, we are venturing into developing formulations for hepatitis, fatty lever and many more gastroenterological disorders that are common today.

Our Product Range



40TM EC Tablet

Pantoprazole Sodium 40mg


DTM SR Capsule

Pantoprazole 40mg E/C + Domperidone 30mg

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