Burn Fat

Lose Weight Without Diet, Exercise or Surgery

Obesity is emerging as a major concern in India with more than 135 million becoming overweight or obese. Obesity leads to many other complications ranging from hypertension to heart diseases and from stroke to fatty liver and many more. A great amount of money and effort has gone into obesity research. Many companies offer solutions based on surgery, localized cooling, etc. for the treatment. However, all these have their own side effects.

Pristine Pearl has developed a solution that is completely safe and does not demand any diet or lifestyle changes. This nutraceutical formula, Alpha Cyclodextrin, is based on a soluble dietary fiber derived from corn and produces no side effects. Alpha Cyclodextrin can bind fat up to 9 times its weight and forms a fat-fiber complex that cannot be digested by the pancreatic enzymes. Once the undigested fat-fiber complex reaches the microflora present inside the large intestine cannot act on this fat-fiber complex reducing the absorption and availability of dietary fat.

Burnfat is effective in reducing saturated and trans fatty acids due to its preferential binding with saturated fats. Obese type 2 diabetic patients with hyperglyceridemia show a substantial decline in blood lipid and an increase in adiponectin levels.

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