About Us

The company was named after the pearl shell because of the inherent qualities of the shell and what it personifies and stands for. The pearl shell is known for protection, the pearl it was pure. The shell is also known to be tolerant of different external attacks.

15 years on, what has stayed with us is that same entrepreneurial spirit, culture of creativity and innovation and pride in belonging to an industry that makes a difference in the lives of people. We are today an surgical & pharmaceutical company with an unrivaled position in the Malaysia.

Why Pristine Pearl?


Advanced Technology

Quality Standards



In-house laboratory


Our vision is to become a leading global pharmaceutical company by providing high quality, affordable and innovative therapeutic solutions for patients with diverse medical needs.


‘Protecting Lives’ & ‘Provide the Best of Medication in the Purest form at most Affordable price’

Our Therapies

Pristine Pearl was envisioned to provide the most efficient and effective products to fight against today’s diseases. Our product basket includes modern, innovative, and high-quality drugs in respiratory, cardiology, diabetology, and gastrology, among others. All these products have earned the trust of the medical fraternity and patient community, alike.

Pristine Initiatives

HAP (Hygiene Aerosol Practice) where we will conduct training for paramedic staff to use nebulization with care and hygiene, CSR activities, Camps for poor patients (free blood, BP, Sugar Respiratory checkups with free medicines)



We offer unique opportunities and a great experience to add on to your career.
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